By chaz on September 5, 2009, 10:00 am in drawings

I drew these pics of my dogs back in July.

Skylar is the first two drawings. My wife got her in 1999 when she was a year old. I didn’t meet Kathleen until mid-2005; so we always joke that Skylar is the teenager step-daughter because she never listens to me. Sky is a pharaoh-hound black lab mix.

Nico is my dog. I got her when she was about a year old in Dec. 2005. She’s the dominant one of the three that we have, but she’s also the easiest except when it comes to food. Then she’s a nightmare! When I was drawing her I promised that I’d give her some beef jerky. Nico is an italian greyhound chihuahua mix.

My wife and I have a third dog, Oliver. We got him in Feb. 2006. He can’t sit still for even five minutes. So I haven’t been able to render I drawing similar to the above of him. He just has too much energy to be still. (Perhaps I don’t draw fast enough.) Oliver is an italian greyhound rat terrier mix.