Age of Empires Online Animations Part 2 Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY

By chaz on April 18, 2011, 9:00 am in Age of Empires: Online, animation, production diary, work

Okay, so it’s really just the Lion. And… a crocodile. Two of the animals I had the most fun animating on the project. These animals are just out in the wilderness, and they will agro the players’ units if they get too close. They’re hungry, you can’t blame them. But you’ve been warned. Their gameplay behavior is constant movement, which is why I didn’t create any bored animations, and why you rarely get a chance to see their idle animations. Other than that, both of these guys are pretty straight forward. Two versions of all animations to give some variety (not all of which are shown here).

Click on the images to view the animations. Animations require quicktime to view.

Here is the set of crocodile animations. It is one of the last characters I animated for the game. I didn’t really have any sort of personality in mind when I started animating, but the crocodiles from Disney movies and All Dogs Go to Heaven came to mind.

Croc | Idle | 1 Idle 1 Croc | Idle | 2 Idle 2 

Croc | Jog | 1 Jog 1 Croc | Jog | 2 Jog 2 

Croc | Attack | 1 Attack 1 Croc | Attack | 2 Attack 2 

Croc | Death | 1 Death 1 Croc | Death | 2 Death 2 

The lion has the same set as the croc, but he also has a walk animation that I did to test the rig that isn’t used. He kind of looks like the lion in Madagascar, so I had Ben Stiller’s voice in my head for a while.

Lion | Idle Idle Lion | Jog | 1 Jog 1 

Lion | Jog | 2 Jog 2 Croc | Lion Walk  

Lion | Attack | 1 Attack 1 Lion | Attack | 2 Attack 2 

Lion | Death | 1 Death 1 Lion| Death | 2 Death 2 

So that wraps up part 2 of my Age of Empires Online animations post, and I hope you enjoyed the lion and the bear… crocodile. Stay tuned for part 3 coming soon!


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