Age of Empires Online Animations Part 8 May God Be With You

By chaz on June 3, 2011, 9:00 am in Age of Empires: Online, production diary, work

Priests have the power, but they have almost no health, so just shoot them in the face and you’ll be okay. I kid, you can’t aim in this game. All of the priest characters are pretty cool to use in game healing your army, converting enemy opponents to fight for you, using chaos to enrage enemies making them fight anything and everything, and empowering your own buildings to make them train units more quickly or have villagers drop off more resources. Though physically weak they can help tip the tide of the game if used right and protected. In addition to their great game function, they have awesome animations and even better effect animations when using their powers. It’s fun to see.

This is the only Greek priest, aptly named, Priest. He heals. He converts. I’m not showing much because I didn’t do all of this character’s animations. But the jog showed is the old jog animation, he uses an updated version in the game that actually makes him look like he’s moving more quickly to match the designer given speed. I think the game version is out of character, he moves too fast and it makes him look younger than his physical appearance would suggest.

Animations require quicktime to view.

He’s a consumable, no matter the Civilization he’ll fight… errr priest for you. I’m not really sure what the Aman Priest can do. But he’ll look cool doing it, whatever it is. His bored animations were his idles, but we thought we moved too much; so now they only occasionally show up.

The Egyptian Ra Priestess empowers buildings, heals units because she’s so pretty (not really). Aside from the villager, I think she’s the only other female skirmish character.

There’s another priest that I left out for the Egyptians, the Ptah Priest. He’s lame. Don’t worry about him. But here’s the baddest of the bad, the Set Priest, also for the Egyptians. He’s got high flying kicking attacks, that…well I don’t remember if Priests actually attack or not. I know we wanted them to at some point, hence why I did the animations. Set’s heal animation poses were inspired by all the yoga I was doing at the time.

That’s the end of part 8 of my Age of Empires Online animations post. Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for part 9!


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