Age Of Empires Online Animations Part 10 I Will Embark Upon Your Quest Good Sir

By chaz on June 17, 2011, 9:00 am in Age of Empires: Online, production diary, work

Quest givers oblige the player with an adventure and task. In exchange they offer a reward for your help upon completion of the task. Quest givers are pivotal to AoEO. Through these NPCs is the only way to access the true skirmish gameplay that we’re accustomed to in the Age of Empires series.

Quest givers stand in a single spot and await player interaction. Yellow exclamation points bob above their heads if they have a new quest. Blue, if it’s repeatable. Question marks float if you have accepted the quest they offer, but have yet to finish. There was so much planned on the animation side for these characters to make them lively and interactive, though time constraints got the best of us. And the most we were able to do were simple idle and bored animations. So, here’s just a small taste of the quest givers, and their animations.

Animations require quicktime to view.




Greek Port QG

Egyptian Port Master


That’s the end of part 10 of my Age of Empires Online animations post. Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for part 11!


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