Age of Empires Online Animations Part 11 Speared, Stabbed and Clubbed

By chaz on June 24, 2011, 9:00 am in Age of Empires: Online, animation, production diary, work

These are the last three melee types of animations and characters to show you. The Spearman is good against cavalry, and he’s the first infantry character the player can train in the Greek campaign. The Hypaspist wields two swords, and is an anti-infantry character. If your enemy is rolling up on you with an all infantry army, build the Hypaspist to counter his initiative.

The Clubman was the first melee character I started animating on the project. He was originally a Greek (player character) mainline unit, built out of the hut barracks at Age 0. That’s right, I said it. Age 0, before Age 1. I don’t recall the parameters behind making the change, but he was eventually turned into a NPC bandit only character. This was good because we wanted a unique unit for the bandits; so instead of creating one, we repurposed an existing character and saved on the art load that goes with creating characters from scratch.

Amongst the animations shown here for the Clubman, I have the first two of four death animations created that were used for ALL human characters. For the bored animation, the Clubman shows his love for his club, which is emphasized in the game with effects of fluttering hearts beaming from him as he hugs his weapon.

Animations require quicktime to view.

I animated the Spearman right after I finished the Clubman, so the two may be a bit similar to each other. Sharing the same Bulky body type helps too. I created all of the bored animations on the Spearman. I tried to make as many as I could that looked as good as possible in the shortest amount of time because I knew I’d be using these across all infantry characters. Not all boreds are on all units, and some units have unique boreds, but when I didn’t have time to create unique boreds I had a good set to choose from.

Dual sword wielding mayhem ensues when the Hypaspist comes out to play. You’ll see in these animations that one or both swords may be pointing backwards from time to time. While in other animations, the swords are intentionally pointing forward. Well that’s because I animated the swords facing backward at first, and then flipped them around later so that they point forward; but I didn’t update the movie renders. If I recall correctly he has the most attack animations out of all of the melee units. I think this is because I was never satisfied with what I created; so I would just keep animating until I did something I liked. It took seven tries.

That’s the end of part 11 of my Age of Empires Online animations post. Thanks for viewing. Stay tuned for the final post: part 12!


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