Age of Empires Online Animations Part 12 The Village Bitch

By chaz on July 1, 2011, 9:00 am in Age of Empires: Online, animation, production diary, work

That’s right, it’s the villager. He’s your bitch that runs all of your errands. Cut my wood! Mine me some gold AND stone. Kill that deer. Pick those berries. Fish me some…fish. Plow this farm. And if he complains, just send him to fight an elephant, or enemy Hippikon. That’ll teach him.

The Villager, by far, has more animations than any other character in AoEO. That’s because he, or she, does so much more than anyone else. Without them you will fail. Never stop training them. Villagers are the back bone to all skirmish economies.

Animations require quicktime to view.

Standing around not doing anything, your basic idle. Get to work!

These bored animations are the villager asleep (they easily doze off if left with no direction). NO one sleeps on the job! BACK TO WORK! In the game, you’ll see zzz coming from villagers that aren’t gathering resources, which helps identify lazy from hard working villagers in the game.

Villagers will move as fast as they can to get to the resource gather points. There are two ways that I remember (perhaps there are more) to increase villagers’ movement speed, the wheelbarrow upgrade purchased in the skirmish game from Age2 on. (This might be specific to one civilization, and you would have had to unlock the wheelbarrow upgrades from your capital city.) The second is by equipping gear that modifies the speed of the character. And the higher your level the better your potential gear! After collecting resources the villager will run back with their haul, which is visually shown in the game by the specific items being carried so you know exactly what your little slaves are up to.

Villagers really aren’t great fighters… which is why they get slaughtered so easily. Best to have some hired thugs nearby to keep them safe.

Building is essential to AoEO gameplay. Pile on as many villagers as you can to get something constructed quickly. Unless you think you have all day, then just leave one guy to do it.

Gathering resources, aside from building, is the one thing at which the villagers excel. They do an outstanding job of building your economy; perhaps only whip one instead of the usual five villagers as an example to the others for today.



Chopping Wood and Mining (the same three animations are used for both chopping wood and mining stone and gold)

Shore Fishing

That’s the end of part 12, the final in my series of Age of Empires Online animations posts. Thanks for viewing everything and I’m glad you’ve stuck around until the end. I may not have shown you every character or unit in the game, but I have shown you nearly all animations in the game. As these animations are shared across all characters and units, which is how I was able to, nearly, animate the entire game.

It was a fun ride, and these posts have brought back many memories. I hope you sincerely enjoyed the posts and the animations. If you’re still in dire need of more, go to the Age of Empires Online website for your AoEO fix. And be sure to pick up a copy of the game for FREE on August 16, 2011, so you can see all of the awesome animations firsthand working in the game!


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