orb FX

By chaz on August 30, 2011, 1:04 am in animation

I’m working on a little (less than 10 seconds) animation, and here’s a little sneak peek along with the progression from rough to colored of the orb effects.

24 fps animated on 2s.

Getting the effects animation to this stage (so so) actually took quite a bit of trial and error work. I am by no means an effects animator, but someone has to do the work. So, I tried different things along the way, and I have to admit, they are all crap. But here they are anyway.

I liked the third one the best and continued doing animation tests that used it as a guide. What I like to call, the wavy approach. I also looked at Matt Timms’ work over on Vimeo to possible glean some goodness from that on to my stuff. He has awesome effects animation, and you should check out his blog too: Matt Timms Animation Blog.

More stuff soon?