Orcs Must Die! Gauntlet Animatic

By chaz on October 3, 2011, 1:00 pm in Orcs Must Die! Gauntlet, production diary, storyboards

It’s story time on how Orcs Must Die! Gauntlet came to be. One of the art directors at Robot Entertainment asked me to storyboard some Orcs Must Die! (OMD) logo ideas. The requirements and direction was essentially keep it short; keep it simple; comedy via orc violence; get the OMD logo on the screen. Some other logo animations were already complete, but he wanted to look at different options, perhaps a different direction. Six seconds was the maximum length established from the completed logos. Because some artist time had already been spent creating a usable (and great!) logo the time frame for the one I would create was short: Not including storyboard time, this would be done (animation, render, sound, etc…) in a week with minimal effort from the art team; 3d animation and reused assets.

Of course, my mind started blowing up with ideas that didn’t fit within that requirement. (Thanks brain, you’re awesome.) So, I storyboarded those ideas over the next three working days. Unfortunately, I saw these as short animations rather than just a straight up logo, which is probably why we didn’t move forward with any of my ideas. As such, I was trying to tell a small story with some (2), and others do exactly what the art director wanted (3). I finished a total of five. As I said, none of them were chosen and we went with the already completed logo. One animatic/idea, for me, stood out above the rest (above). I wanted to see it to completion. You can view the final animation here.

That’s how Orcs Must Die! Gauntlet started out. Below are the other animatics I did that aren’t going to see any further work.