Final Berona’s War II: Fight for Amity Promo Storyboard

By chaz on December 30, 2011, 10:40 pm in Berona's War, production diary, storyboards

I’ve finally gotten to a happy place with this promo and will start animation asaiwt (as soon as I want to). Above is the final storyboard. I pretty much made a complete 180 on my previous version; which just means I started over ditching the old one; which can be seen here.

I really like the direction I’m heading now. The fight scene in the new version was originally done to insert into the old storyboard. However, I intended to do two fight sequences; one for the Ele-Alta and another for the Cropone. Once I got into actually choreographing and getting the shots working for the Ele-Alta, I realized how much work I would be on the hook for if I kept the old storyboard; telling both sides of the fight. So, I decided to cut the Cropone side of the story. If this promo takes off like gang busters, I’ll consider doing the Cropone version. But until that happens, we’ll all just have to settle with me just animating this one.