My Apple

By chaz on October 8, 2012, 11:21 am in animation

My daughter thinks running around the house with food is fun; being chased by the dogs while she has food is even more fun. Pretending to give the dogs the food (they lick it) and she pulls it back is just plain hilarious to her. BUT if she has an apple, it’s not fun anymore. She loves apples. Getting to hold the entire fruit, controlling each bite on her own is just one of those things kids are proud of doing and having: control. But as soon as those dogs get in her face about it, she’ll start screaming and crying when they try to get a bite here, or a nibble there on her apple. UNACCEPTABLE. That’s her apple!

So, of course, I drew her hoarding and guarding her apple in her tiny iron grip; the dogs, each in their own way, are stalking and ready for even the slightest crumb to fall on the floor. The dogs will pounce; the victor will eat; disappointment amongst the other two; and the stalking and begging begins all over again.