By chaz on October 10, 2012, 1:40 pm in drawings

My daughter just loves screwing with the dogs. This dog in particular, Nico, hates it when Imogen screws with her. Nico’s hair will flair up along the spine of her back and tail, like a mohawk; she’ll start growling and start getting into a more defensive sturdier stance. It’s basically Nico’s way of saying “fuck off!” without biting her because she knows that biting is a big NO! Ironically Imogen doesn’t know that biting is a big NO! Something that I’ll have to reinforce in the future.

So, about this drawing. I tried to have some elements of water color faked in there because it was done entirely in photoshop. I had Imogen conquering Nico and looking ahead for more adventures; this scenario would never happen in real life, but it’s fun to depict nonetheless. Though, she has tried to stand on our biggest dog, but she can never get sure footing before tumbling off or Mom and Dad seeing and scolding her.