Berona’s War Promo Shot 8 Roughed Out

By chaz on November 5, 2012, 10:24 am in animation, Berona's War, production diary

A horn bellows and echoes off the canyon walls. The growing whistle of the an all too familiar sound perks his ears to the impending danger: his immediate probable death. His eyes focus on the far off arrows piercing the wind and flying on an arc through the ironically beautiful blue sky. Perhaps his last sun, his last moon, his last breath: many more tasks to accomplish before this moment. Many more Cropone to kill. Two; twenty; two hundred; two hundred thousand; ALL of them. As many arrows as there are as many murders to perform. Revenge is the most fitting brand of justice. His thoughts elude to a future that, until now, seemed so certain, “These arrows won’t. NOTHING, will stop my hand until all Cropone dogs die by it!”