Orcs Must Die! Unchained Reel

July 6, 2018, 7:58 pm http://vimeo.com/247315709

This is a tiny bit of my animation from the Orcs Must Die! Unchained video game. The reel shows my best and varied work from the project, comprising of in-game animation and cinematic animation for the game’s trailers.

As the Principal Animator, establishing the animation style and quality for the project, I led the animation vision during the 4-year development; directing and collaborating with some amazing animators. To help maintain animation consistency, I focused on style (look and feel), quality, and individual talent growth/development—all through using the mechanics of animation to achieve our goals. I also worked to build the department into a cohesive unit: an open, communicative (small) community. In which, we can brain-storm ideas, give suggestions, critique and feedback, and challenge direction decisions—in the efforts to create the best animation and the best product possible—all in a safe and fun environment. While helping them realize their animation ideas, I propelled the team, and, in turn, the team drove me, to brainstorm new ideas and to continually push our creative muster to its limits. It is such a fantastic animation department, and I am honored to be amongst them day-in and day-out. There is no doubt that I learned more from them than they learned from me. Thank you!


Animation Direction
Cinematic Development
Team Leadership (1-on-1 Animation Dailies, Group Animation Weekly Review, Mentorship and Talent Development, Task Assignments)
Skeleton Creation, Skin Weights, Rigging-LITE, Animation Trees, Physics Assets
Being an all-around nerdy nerd. 😛

Reel Breakdown

With the exception of the listing below, all animation is hand-keyed by Charles Tinney

Animated Warmage and Decoy Trap
Face Animation BG Characters
Directed BG Characters’ Body Animation (Animated by Barry Rooney)

Animated Warmage and Decoy Trap
BG Run Animation Hogarth and Zoey
Face Animation BG Characters
Directed Sorceress Knocking over Decoy Trap (Animated by Barry Rooney)

Visualized Shot, Camera, Staging, Composition, Layout Animation
Animated Warmage, Orc, Ogre
Face Animation BG Characters
Directed BG Characters’ Body Animation (Animated by Barry Rooney)

Animated Warmage, Sorceress, Zoey
Face Animation Hogarth (big axe/shield guy)
Directed Body Animation Hogarth (Animated by Barry Rooney)