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CHAZAMATION is an animation studio run by Charles Tinney with a focus on exciting and dynamic style of motion, entertaining and emotional stories, and being objectively fucking awesome. You heard it here first! Most work shown is from video games with the core line being personality, character driven performances while pushing for seamless, immersive, and engaging gameplay experiences.

about // Charles Tinney

Adept in computer and hand-drawn animation, Charles has over 20 years of experience in video games, tv, and film in all capacities from individual contribution to direction. Expertise establishing and maintaining the animation style and quality for all studio projects. Mentor for career and talent growth. Multi-discipline collaboration for a responsive, entertaining game-play experience. Storyboard and direct animated films, shorts, promotional videos, and trailers. Manage outsource staff. Prepping for and directing motion capture shoots.

contact // CHAZAMATION

chaz at CHAZAMATION dot com

Feel free to contact Charles directly with potential employment and freelance opportunities, or questions regarding my approach to animation.


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